One of the targets of Empresarios Agrupados is to provide our clients with a comprehensive service ranging from the complete execution of turnkey EPC projects, to EPCM services and the performance of support and supervision activities during the construction and commissioning phase of the projects until the start of commercial operation.

Empresarios Agrupados has been providing this type of services not only for the construction of power generation plants, but also in other singular projects. Our regular clients are power utilities, other EPC contractors, independent power producers, large technology providers and government agencies to whom we provide our full range of services.

Procurement Support and EPC Support

During the project phase, and in parallel with engineering development, we provide services asprocurement support, supplier’s qualification, bid request documentation and evaluation, preparation of contracts and purchase orders, inspection and activation of manufacturing processes and equipment supply.

Supervision of Construction

During construction execution, Empresarios Agrupados provides construction management services, including supervision of civil construction and electromechanical erection, planning and scheduling, contractor selection, contract administration and on-site detailed engineering.


Once construction is completed, Empresarios Agrupados has qualified personnel to verify the functionality of systems and components, to execute functional and pre-operational testing, commissioning and warranty testing until final acceptance. At this stage, we offer planning services, supervision, procedures, test execution control, results analysis and reports.

EPC / Turnkey

Empresarios Agrupados has more than 30 years of experience in the execution of turnkey projects (EPC). Our work philosophy fits the needs of our clients, resulting in their high levels of satisfaction and fidelity.

Our know-how is reflected in the following areas:

  • In engineering: more than 50 years of experience in process engineering.
  • In purchasing: our philosophy is based on the prevalence of technical aspects over price, without forgetting the latter, which makes our projects stand out for their first-class quality and performance.
  • In construction: more than 50 projects completed with a customer return rate of 85%.

Business development manager:
  José María Delgado,