Since its creation in 1971, Empresarios Agrupados has been a relevant participant in nuclear programs in Spain and worldwide. Because of our experience and knowledge gained in carrying out the engineering, construction supervision and commissioning of these projects, Empresarios Agrupados can provide highly efficient and technologically advanced support services throughout the operation and life cycle of these power plants.

We provide Engineering and O&M services for several Spanish power plants, with stable teams located on site, with corporate backoffice support on more specialized activities, reinforced during refueling shutdowns and other large projects.

Our main services include:

  • Modernization projects
  • Licensing
  • Power uprating
  • Design modifications
  • Safety improvements
  • Extending the life cycle
  • Optimizing production

Empresarios Agrupados has significant references from these works in many countries and for different types of reactors (BWR, PWR, VVER, etc.), and has maintained constant provision of these services throughout the years.

One of the relevant aspects of the services we provide is the incorporation of technologies and tools continually enhance operation of the power plant throughout its lifetime, such as simulation, 3D+ simulation, virtual reality, maintenance management, and other techniques for digitizing data and documentation.

Business development manager:

  Manuel Sainz