• Feasibility studies
  • Site studies, environmental assessment
  • Permitting and licensing
  • Project management: scheduling and control
  • Engineering for EPC tenders
  • Basic engineering
  • Architectural design
  • O&M training
  • O&M technical and operational support
  • Engineering for refurbishing
  • Interior architecture
  • Electromechanical maintenance
  • Estimated investment
  • Consulting
  • Detail engineering
  • Purchasing and expediting
  • Construction supervision
  • Commissioning and startup
  • Quality assurance / control
  • SmartPlant 3D services

Turnkey Projects

Execution of EPC and EPCM projects: Open cycles, combined cycles, conventional thermal power plants, photovoltaic plants, biomass plants, WtE plants, cogeneration, industrial plants, BOP, BOT, etc.

  • Solid engineering capacity, with more than 60GW of references, rigorous in purchasing from top-level suppliers
  • Different construction schemes, with the collaboration of local partners

Owner's Engineering

  • Preliminary project studies
  • Site studies and environmental assessment
  • Permitting and licensing
  • Technical specifications for EPC and drafting of RFP
  • Bid evaluation and selection of suppliers
  • Support in EPC contract negotiation
  • Support in Project Control
  • Approval of contractor documentation
  • Equipment follow-up and attendance at factory tests
  • Site activities: supervision of construction and commissioning
  • Support for activities outside EPC scope
  • Project review and value engineering
  • Improvement to the energy efficiency of buildings

Project Management

Empresarios Agrupados offers project management and control services under different contract approaches, ranging from cost-plus basis contracts, contracts for major equipment or islands, to turnkey Project contracts. Our knowledge of the Engineering and Construction sectors enables us to identify potential problems and put in place the best prevention techniques and action methodologies based on a solid management plan.

We facilitate these services to Owners and Investors as well as to Contractors (EPC). These services comprise setting project objectives as well as defining the organization, manuals, procedures, and quality systems. Furthermore, we establish the necessary means and resources, the planning and scheduling on different levels, cost estimation and control, monitoring of activities and project execution.

  • Planning and scheduling services
  • Project recovery
  • Financial management of projects and contracts
  • Management of assets and maintenance
  • Assistance with complaints and claims
  • Support in risk analysis and management
  • Implementation and administration of the Project Control System (PCS)

* Implementation and administration of the Project Control System (PCS)

Engineering capabilities

Thanks to the in-house capabilities and expertise at Empresarios Agrupados in every discipline of engineering and design, we can manage any project activity without needing to turn to consultants or external support.

We can propose a complete scope of project engineering services by discipline or by project area, as best suits the client’s needs.

Moreover, Empresarios Agrupados has cutting-edge technological capabilities whose degree of specialisation and technical complexity set us apart from other engineering firms.

  • Soil investigations and geotechnical studies
  • Design and calculation of complex structures
  • Heat balances and optimization of production models
  • Thermo-structural analyses of complex equipment
  • Diagnosis of the condition of equipment and useful lifetime extension
  • Fire protection and ATEX. Fire simulations
  • Studies and prevention of noise and vibrations
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and thermohydraulics
  • Simulation of systems and processes
  • Network simulation and electrical studies
  • Man-machine interface and control systems
  • Risk analyses, RAMS, FMA and HAZOPs
  • Complex HVAC installations
  • 3D models and smart design tools