Empresarios Agrupados has more than 50 years of experience developing advanced nuclear technologies and participating in projects for new fission reactors, fusion reactors, and large-scale scientific facilities. Most of these projects are carried out internationally in collaboration with electric power companies, technologists, universities, research centres and a range of scientific institutions. In them, Empresarios Agrupados brings to bear its experience it has acquired since 1971 in engineering, supplies, construction management, support in operating and decommissioning nuclear projects of different technologies from different regulatory areas.

Nuclear Fission

Advanced reactors and small modular reactors (SMR)

High-temperature reactor

TMSR-500 Molten Salt

Since the 1990s, Empresarios Agrupados has participated intensely in new-generation reactors based on all the different technologies incorporating, for example, passive systems, modular constructions, innovative core designs and cooling systems, with light water (LWR), liquid metal (LMR) and molten salts (SMR), being the most promising.

Our references in this field are many: Prisma, CAREN, MYRRHA, TMSRS-500 are some of the SMRs under development with our participation, and in some cases, at advanced stages of implementation. Common to all of them is a technological development and demonstration stage supported by research and demo activities funded by institutions such as EURATOM, CDTI and DOE. Empresarios Agrupados has taken part in more than 20 projects in this field. Recently, for the Horizon Europe programme, where Empresarios Agrupados has signed two contracts to develop SMRs.

We collaborate with the Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP) in defining strategy for Europe, and are members of the Board of GEN IV.

MYRRHA project

Nuclear Fusion

Fusion has been present in our Strategic Plan for over 50 years. Moreover, we have participated in the design phase of ITER as part of the European EFET consortium in the 1990s. Currently, in consortium with other European firms, Empresarios Agrupados is developing the engineering and construction of 36 ITER buildings, the Tokamak Cooling Water System (TCWS), the Test Blanket Systems (TBS), and the design and manufacture of the central control system (SCS-N), design and manufacture of the First Wall Panels (FWP), and has recently been awarded the contract to install safety piping in the TCC2 contract, among others.

Large Scientific Facilities

In the area of large scientific facilities, Empresarios Agrupados has participated in a range of projects with CERN, spallation sources and particle laboratories. We are currently heading up the engineering on the DONES project, soon to commence its construction in Granada.

Based on our knowledge of cores and radiological protection, Empresarios Agrupados has been collaborating for many years on developing the engineering for experimental reactors, irradiation, and the production of radioisotopes and their transport. Our contracts with MINERVA and Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) are two examples of our contribution to scientific facilities aimed at the testing of materials, generating radioisotopes, etc.

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