Empresarios Agrupados provides the solidity, experience and stability needed to deliver complex projects and give our clients access to the greatest expertise in engineering, construction and commissioning of plants, equipment and complex systems. We support our customers throughout the complete lifecycle, from creating and building new assets to operating, maintenance and improvement of operating ones. Our main fields of activity are electric power plant in all their technologies. We are also leaders in simulation and advanced engineering for use in space and space exploration.” – Javier Perea Sáenz de Buruaga

Management Team

  • CEO
    Javier Perea Sáenz de Buruaga
  • Institutional Relations Manager
    Fernando Martí Scharfhausen
  • Operating Nuclear Power Plants Business Unit Manager
    Luis García Marchena
  • New Build Plants Business Unit Manager
    Francisco Javier Goicoechea Sánchez
  • Advanced Projects Business Unit Manager
    Mª Teresa Domínguez Bautista
  • Nuclear Business Development Manager
    Xavier Faucher
  • Thermal Power Plants Business Unit Manager
    Jose María Delgado Martínez
  • EPC, Construction and Services, Coegeneration, Biomass and WtE Business Unit Manager
    Andrés Cuesta Samaniego
  • Wind and Fotovoltaic Business Unit Manager
    Juan Bueno Gayo
  • Computing & Simulation Business Area Manager

    Miguel Alcázar Fernández

  • Infrastructures Manager
    Jaime de la Cruz Coello
  • Water & Art Business Unit Manager
    Jaime de la Cruz Coello
  • Conventional and Renewable Business Development Manager
    Sergio Méndez Fernández
  • Synergy and Development Manager
    Luis Javier García de Rozas
  • Engineering Manager
    Vicente Alvarado Jimeno
  • Operations Manager
    Pablo Puech Suanzes
  • Corporate Manager
    Lucio Moreno de Guerra Lanzadera
  • Financial Manager
    Rafael Fernández Rodríguez
  • Quality and Organization Manager
    Santiago Ojeda Couchoud
  • HR Manager
    Fernando Guerrero Lanchas
  • Legal Manager
    Fernando Bergón Prado