Empresarios Agrupados was founded in 1971 to carry out the engineering for the Nuclear Power Plants that were going to be built in Spain and thereby achieve a high degree of national participation. Beginning with Almaraz NPP, Empresarios Agrupados carried out the engineering for 6 units (3 PWR and 3 BWR) with a complete scope.

These power plants are currently producing approximately 14% of the total Spanish electricity production but without emitting any CO2. After completion of these projects, in the following years, Empresarios Agrupados took an active part in developing the new advanced reactors SWR, AP600, AP1000, APWR, ESBWR, ABWR, etc.; along with the main technology companies such as General Electric and Westinghouse, with funding from Spain and the US Department of Energy.

As of the year 2000, these references and skills were the basis for participating in the construction initiatives of new power plants in the EU and elsewhere. Acting as consultant and owner’s engineer, Empresarios Agrupados headed several site and feasibility studies, bid request specifications, and evaluations of new power plants: Olkiluoto 3, Akkuyu 1-4, Hanhikivi 1, Temelin 3&4, Dukovany 5, among many others. Nowadays, Empresarios Agrupados is currently participating internationally along with the large technology firms and suppliers (EdF, MHI, GE, Rosatom, etc.) on tenders for new power plants and projects under construction (e.g., Hanhikivi 1, Hinkley Point C, Angra 3, Paks, etc.).

Our founding goal of becoming a leading company in the nuclear sector has held true over the years and is projected forward toward the future energy transition. We believe that nuclear energy complements the penetration of renewables, providing a carbon neutral base energy that is competitive, safe, and sustainable. On this path, Empresarios Agrupados participates on projects for reactors that use new technologies, advanced, small and modular as sources of electric power and heat for industry and society alike.

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