Over the last 20 years, EAI has been applying its extensive experience in renewable energy engineering to hydrogen production projects as part of more than 10 different national and international R&D and Innovation programs.

Renewable hydrogen is a key sustainable solution for decarbonizing the economy, since it can be considered part of the solution to achieving climate neutrality by 2050. It is also key to developing innovative value chains for industry as well as a green economy with high added value. In this context, EAI has been performing for the past years engineering for renewable H2 production plants, accompanying our clients with customized advice from the technical and economic point of view at the hands of a specific section of multidisciplinary engineers with expertise in H2 technologies.

EAI develops different typologies of Green Hydrogen Production Plants depending on the site (greenfield/brownfield), the source of renewable energy, electrolysis technology, and the end use of the H2 produced:

  • Site: making use of auxiliary systems and infrastructures found at conventional power plants currently being dismantled (brownfield projects) or projects on undeveloped land (greenfield projects)
  • Electrolysis Technologies: with plants in sizes ranging from 1 MW with containerized solutions up to 120 MW plants with solutions in industrial buildings with PEM as well as alkaline technology.
  • Renewable Energy: with renewable wind or photovoltaic farms exclusively used by electrolyzers, PPAs, or powered from existing renewable energy farms.
  • End use of the green H2: with uses for overland transport (hydrogen refueling stations), injecting into the natural gas network (blending), or for storage and later land/sea use.


We have experience in gas blending projects for turbines, and by means of our ECOSIMPRO® software developed for over 25 years, we can dynamically reproduce the behavior of the H2 and Natural Gas blend in any component.

Indeed, EAI provides individualized solutions on each project, helping the client optimize their plant design from the early phases of the project by offering them comprehensive service ranging from permits and licensing to detail engineering, and also taking care of the purchase management of the equipment.

Business development manager:
  Juan Luis Ayuso, jlayuso@empre.es