Because production and demand of electric power varies greatly, technologies are needed that can ensure a steady yet flexible supply.

This is why Empresarios Agrupados takes part in Power Storage Projects with technologies that provide greater backup to the system, thereby ensuring that production can cover the demand for energy, i.e., to ensure the supply.

Empresarios Agrupados has a strong background in carrying out basic and detail engineering services ranging from R&D and Innovation projects up to large industrial plants using different technologies:

  • Liquid Air Storage (LAES)
  • Molten Salt Thermal Storage in CSP Plants
  • Upgrading of Thermal Storage for new CSP plants components
  • Thermal batteries to provide clean heat to industrial processes from renewable energies
  • Rejected heat utilization in industrial processes , energy recovery & storage and emissions reduction

Business development manager:
  Juan Luis Ayuso,
  Juan Bueno,