One of the main fronts and climate debates worrying society today is the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere to prevent the progressive warming of the Earth. In its commitment to the planet, Empresarios Agrupados rises to the challenge of keeping the industry competitive while also protecting the environment by developing:

  • Projects to desulphurize, denitrify, and reduce particles by preparing basic and detail engineering
    • Thermal and coal-fired power plants
    • Industrial plants
    • Combustion processes
  • Substitution of fuels and raw materials
    • Upgrading gas turbines for H2 blends
    • Production of biofuels
    • Cement and steel industry
  • Energy Efficiency Enhancement Projects: Empresarios Agrupados has its own tools for solving problems, optimizing processes, and enhancing efficiency:
    • Empresarios Agrupados Engineering Analysis
    • Creation of the Digital Twin with the EcosimPro® simulation tool
    • Generation of statistical models from historical data (Big Data and Machine Learning)
    • Simulation of different operation scenarios on the generated models
    • Impact study on the variation of parameters and operating conditions
    • Integration with financial information and other relevant data (weather, market prices, plant production, etc.) in a Business Intelligence and Simulation tool

Business development manager:
  Juan Luis Ayuso,