Sea power is energy obtained from the movement of the tides or ocean currents. The energy produced by tides as they ebb and flow is used by turbines to move the mechanical works of the alternator, thereby producing electric power.

Similarly, ocean currents can be used to generate electricity by means of marine turbine generators, with the great advantage of being a renewable energy that is also constant throughout the year, and thus able to operate as a base mode.

Making use of the opportunities offered by the marine environment is a fundamental part of Empresarios Agrupados’s commitment to the planet, since this type of energy is renewable and clean since it does not use any fossil fuels or produce any greenhouse gases.

Our accumulated knowledge in the energy area and habitual involvement in R&D+innovation projects lets us participate in technological development in three ways:

  • In its role as an engineering firm knowledgeable of and experienced in this technology
  • By engaging in the technological development of prototype solutions
  • By being open to participating in carrying out projects with developers

Business development manager:
  Juan Luis Ayuso,