In recent years, Empresarios Agrupados has participated in more than 50 electrical substation projects, with different configurations, and projects for more than 800 km of high voltage lines for all types of electrical generation plants. To complete them successfully, we provide our clients with a large multidisciplinary team of in-house experts who offer engineering, consultancy and auditing services throughout the life cycle of electricity transmission infrastructures, from the initial development phases to construction, commissioning and operation.

In the development phase, we accompany our customers from the conceptual stage through to the completion of the construction license application phase, carrying out, among other tasks, all site characterisation studies (topography, geotechnics, hydrology and flooding), feasibility studies, grid access and connection studies, layout studies, topology studies, construction applications and permitting projects, basic engineering, tender engineering for EPC bids and preliminary electrical studies for connection to the grid.

During construction, we support procurement tendering processes, preparing specifications and technical specifications for the EPC, BOS, BOP and main equipment, including technical evaluation of bids and technical advice for contract negotiation, monitoring of supplies and factory tests. Empresarios Agrupados defines the detail engineering of substations including buildings and all their air conditioning (HVAC) and fire protection systems as well as the detailed engineering of power lines including towers and foundations and the final electrical studies of grid connection. For Owners, we carry out the activities of the Owner’s Engineering, construction supervision and integral project management through EPCM services.

For the commissioning and operation of the electrical power transmission infrastructures, EA prepares all the “as-built” documentation, reviews all action protocols, supervises the commissioning tests and trials, prepares the O&M manuals and provides technical support for project legalisation and grid connection.

This knowledge of the market, regulations, technology and business allows EA to provide technical due diligence services in purchases and sales throughout a project. In this regard, we carry out market and regulatory studies, review permits, authorisations and licences, the technical aspects of contracts, the design, the construction drawings and the O&M activities. This enables us to provide the necessary technical input data for the financial model and to identify, rigorously and independently, all technical risks of the transaction and propose alternatives and actions to mitigate them.

Business development manager:
Juan Miguel García-Borreguero Díez,