Thermal power plants

Meirama Fossil-fired Power Plant (Spain)

Coal and Fuel-oil

In the late 1970s, EA began to design and engineer coal-fired thermal power plant projects, of which 14 were built: 8 in Spain, 2 in Mexico, 1 in the Philippines, 2 in Chile and 1 in Argentina, in addition to diverse consulting work in this field. To date, 29 coal-fired and fuel oil-fired power plant units have been or are being built, with a combined power output of 17000 MW. EA has been awarded the engineering and design of the largest current thermo-electric project, with five supercritical units firing heavy fuel oil and natural gas, with a power output of 2708,5 MW at Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, for the end customer SWCC, Saline Water Conversion Corporation. The plant has steam extractions for a seawater desalination plant to produce 550,000 m3/d.


Lavrion V Combined Cycle Power Plant (Greece)

Combined Cycles

In the early 2000s, new power generation was promoted in many countries focused primarily on using natural gas as fuel, by way of combined cycle power plants featuring high thermodynamic performance and a lessened impact on the environment. EA entered this field decisively, participating in 45 projects with a combined power of 28,300 MW. Of these, 10, with an overall installed power of 6,366 MW, are currently under construction. More than 60% of the projects are located outside of Spain.


Pilot CO2 capture plant

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)

EA has participated in the engineering, design, commissioning and O&M support in the Elcogas project, a 335 MWe power plant using IGCC technology (coal gasification integrated in a combined cycle). This facility was built in Spain at the initiative of a group of European electric utilities with the financial support of the European Union. EA also performed the conceptual study on a pilot CO2 capture and H2 production plant to select the process (CO2 capture by amine absorption and shifting to high temperature for H2 recovery), as well as the basic and detail engineering of this pilot plant, and provided support to testing and commissioning.


Solar thermal power plants

Solar Platform Solúcar

Thermal solar energy

The PS10 and PS20 projects are demonstration central tower solar power plants of 11 and 20 MWe respectively for which EA carried out the basic engineering, and acted as Owner’s Engineer support for the detail engineering. With respect to commercial solar tower technology with energy storage in molten salts, EA performed the FEED project for the Alcazar Power Plant (50 MWe, Spain) and peer review activities on the molten salt system for the Tonopah Power Plant (110 MWe, USA).


Investigation and development


CO2 capture

EA has participated in the OXY-CFB-300 project. This is an integral commercial demonstration project, including CO2 capture, transport and storage. The project falls within the European framework to foster clean coal technologies for the production of electrical power. It is based on a 330 MWe oxycombustion power plant with a supercritical Circulating Fluidised Bed (CFB) boiler, and featuring subsequent CO2 storage in a saline aquifer.