Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is a set of technological processes that seek to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere by capturing it and storing it safely for future use. CCS technology is essential to achieving global reduction in CO2 as long as fossil fuels are used to meet energy demand. In addition to the electric power sector, CCS is a strategic technology for decarbonzing energy-intensive industries. Lastly, CCS technology can also be used in hydrocarbon recovery processes and other future uses currently under development.

Empresarios Agrupados has participated in different projects involving all the main existing CCS technologies (e.g., postcombustion, precombustion and oxycombustion) in different ways:

  • In its role as a front-running engineering firm in knowledge and experience with the subsequent evaluation of types of CCS technology
  • Feasibility studies and Basic Engineering
  • Detail engineering, construction supervision, and start-up

Business development manager:
  Juan Luis Ayuso,