+50 Power-To-X Projects

Projects - Energy transition

  • Location: Europe and America
  • Operator/Client: Several
  • Configuration/Power Output: 1MW-1GW
  • Scope of services:
    • Empresarios Agrupados is a front-running Engineering firm in planning and executing green hydrogen production plants associated with sources of renewable energy.
      Over the last several years, Empresarios Agrupados has worked on developing the engineering for green H2 production plants. This work has ranged from the initial stages of technical and economic feasibility studies all the way through more advanced stages, including planning basic engineering, Front-End Loading (FELs), Front-End Engineering Designs (FEEDs) and detail engineering needed to build and operate these plants.

Our Clients

Our experience extends both nationally and internationally, establishing our presence on the global stage of renewable energy. We have taken part in more the 2GW of engineering projects, thereby contributing significantly to global decarbonisation.

At Empresarios Agrupados, we are committed to engineering projects that foster transition to a green economy, and we expect to keep working closely with our clients to continue to be at the forefront of the world of renewable energy and green hydrogen.