Empresarios Agrupados awarded a €15M project in Norway in consortium with Egis

Empresarios Agrupados, in consortium with Egis and Orano Projets, have been awarded a contract by Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) to develop storage solutions for spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste in Norway, including Deep Borehole Disposal (DBD).

The NND, an agency under the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, is responsible for the decommissioning of research reactors and other nuclear related infrastructure in Norway. It is also in charge of the removal, disposal and management of nuclear waste.
Deep Borehole Disposal, or DBD, is a technique of sealing nuclear waste at depths of up to 5 km below the Earth’s surface. Once implemented, it could provide an effective and low environmental impact alternative for managing high level nuclear waste.

Xavier Faucher, EA’s Nuclear Business Developer Manager, stated that “at a time when so many countries are deciding to increase their nuclear power capacity or join the club of countries benefiting from this carbon-free energy source, we at Empresarios Agrupados are delighted at the prospect of participating in the long-term solution of high-level radioactive waste storage and disposal by developing the Deep Borehole Disposal (DBD) concept for a client like Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning which is leading the way in these matters”.

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