Bohunice V-1 NPP Decommissioning

Projects - Nuclear

  • Location: Jaslovské Bohunice (Slovakia)
  • Utility/Customer: EBRD project for the decommissioning, Bohunice V1 NPP
  • Plant/Reactor: VVER-440/230, 440 MWe
  • Scope of services:
    • The objective of the Project was to provide the necessary conceptual engineering and project management resources and deliverables to JAVYS for the most timely and cost-effective planning, execution, management, co-ordination, and monitoring of all aspects of the implementation of the pre-decommissioning and decommissioning support projects funded and/or co-funded with the resources of the BIDSF to appropriate and applicable internationally recognized safety standards.
    • The scope of work included:
      • Decommissioning Strategy
      • Radwaste management plan
      • Decommissioning plan
      • Conceptual design and Technical Specification of all projects (plant modification, radwaste management, decontamination, and dismantling)
      • Basic engineering of nuclear island decommissioning
      • Support to procurement and contract management
      • Separation of V1 Unit from other Bohunice units
      • Treatment of historical waste
      • Development of radwaste treatment capacities
      • Decommissioning of conventional areas (partially)
    • At the end of 2014 the Regulatory Authority granted the full license for the implementation of all decommissioning activities.