CN Ascó 1 y 2

Projects - Operating Nuclear Power Plants

  • Location: Ascó (Tarragona, España)
  • Utility/Customer: Asociación Nuclear Ascó-Vandellós (ANAV)
  • Plant/Reactor: PWR, W, 1033 MWe, Unidad 1, PWR, W, 1035 MWe, Unidad 2
  • Scope of services:
    • Engineering support to Owner during operation
    • Participation in safety-related engineering, PSA and technical specifications
    • Various modification projects for the Plant
    • Relevant retrofitting and modification projects:
      • Condenser upgrading and retubing
      • Techno-economic feasibility study of a new heat sink
      • Preparation of specifications, evaluation of bids, and follow-up of the contractors for the new heat sink, including the 160 m natural draft tower.
      • Updating of Design Bases and Safety Procedures
      • ISFSI project management and monitoring
      • Analysis to prevent biofouling and to improve the cooling system