CN José Cabrera

Projects - Operating Nuclear Power Plants

  • Location: Almonacid de Zorita (Guadalajara, España)
  • Utility/Customer: Union Electrica Fenosa, S.A.
  • Plant/Reactor: PWR, W, 160 MWe
  • Scope of services:
    • Engineering and design of Plant retrofitting and upgrade for compliance with the new safety codes and standards
    • Support during operation:
      • Various projects for Plant modifications and upgrading
      • Establishment of life extension programmes
      • Nuclear engineering, including licensing support, radiation protection and PSA
      • Maintenance programmes and training courses
    • Relevant retrofitting and modification projects:
      • Upgrading of the heat sink, including forced draft cooling towers
      • Complete vessel head replacement project
      • Component cooling system upgrading
      • I&C backfitting and upgrade
      • New essential service water cooling system
      • Installation of a radioactive waste treatment building