CN Santa María de Garoña (España)

Projects - Operating Nuclear Power Plants

  • Location: CN de Santa Maria de Garoña (Burgos, España)
  • Utility/Customer: Nuclenor (Iberdrola y Endesa)
  • Plant/Reactor: BWR, GE, 466 MWe
  • Scope of services:
    • Support during operation:
      • Engineering and design of various design modifications
      • Safety and Accident Analysis/Safety Review
      • Plant Life Extension Programmes
      • Projects for Plant backfitting and upgrading
      • Support in license renewal processes
    • Relevant retrofitting and modification projects
      • Redesign of drywell piping and associated supports
      • Engineering and design in implementation of R.G. 1.75
      • Engineering and design of new systems and buildings for the Standby Gas Treatment (SBGT) system
      • Analysis of containment isolation and penetrations
      • Mothballing and maintenance programme up to fuel unloading