Consultancy services for decommissioning and radwaste management

Projects - Nuclear

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  • Utility/Customer: Various
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  • Scope of services:
    EA provides a wide range of consultancy services in these fields, including the following:

    • Radioactive waste management in Norway: EA submitted a review to NND of the current licensing situation of the KLDRA combined storage and disposal facility for radioactive waste in Himdalen and the analysis of its potential use to support the decommissioning program of research reactors
    • EA supported Energoatom, through the EBRD Safety Upgrade Program, to provide support to the Ukrainian National Body in how it reviews, analyses and quantifies required contributions to the fund to cover the liabilities associated with the decommissioning of Energoatom’s Nuclear Power Plants
    • Analysis of the Final Decommissioning Plan of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant: the output of this assessment is the identification of areas and measures for efficiency improvement of INPP FDP and Schedule and actions for the fulfilment of the improvement measures for the decommissioning of INPP.
    • Consultancy services / Co-operation in the development of a policy and strategy for the management of spent fuel (including provisions for its safe interim storage) and radioactive waste in Mexico (EC project)
    • FEED (Front End Engineering and Design) for the treatment and disposal of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials) – Handling, Treatment and Disposal Project at BeAAT, Ruwais Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi
    • Integrated Waste Management & Site Decommissioning and Remediation Framework Contract for NDA in UK
    • Design of Novi-Han repository for Institutional Radwaste in Bulgaria (EC project)
    • Plan for the Closure of Rozan Repository in Poland (EC project)
    • Assistance for Bohunice A-1 decommissioning (EC project)
    • Decommissioning conceptual plan for new-build NPPs
    • Design of radwaste treatment systems for new-build NPPs and research facilities
    • Independent design review of El Cabril low and intermediate level waste disposal in Spain