Decommissioning of JRC ISPRA nuclear facilities

Projects - Nuclear

  • Location: Ispra (Italy)
  • Utility/Customer: European Commission
  • Plant/Reactor: Reactores de Investigación
  • Scope of services:
    • The Ispra Joint Research Centre was created in the frame of the Euratom Treaty and initially focused on research themes and includes several nuclear installations such as research HWR reactors (25 MW & 5MW), laboratories, radwaste treatment facility, and several miscellaneous solid, liquid and semi liquid waste streams stored at different locations on site.
    • The scope of work included the following main tasks:
      • D&WM engineering and studies
      • Studies and elaboration of decommissioning projects according to Italian regulatory and key European and International standards and norms.
      • Definition, substantiation and qualification of new waste management processes relevant for all types of waste already existing at JRC-Ispra and for future waste that will be produced during the decommissioning of the facilities.
      • Update and improvement of existing waste management processes.
      • Nuclear engineering
      • Facilities for pre-treatment (including sorting, characterisations, cutting of historical waste streams), treatment and conditioning of solid waste;
      • Treatment and conditioning of liquid or mobile waste;
      • Interim storage of conditioned or unconditioned waste;
      • Packaging and storage of irradiated and un-irradiated nuclear material;
      • Design and implementation of waste management and nuclear material facilities throughout all stages of the project planning, development, licensing and construction;
      • Design and development of specific equipment and tools.
      • Other services such as in-field supervision of dismantling or construction work done by other contractors at JRC-Ispra and implementation of calculation methods for radiological analyses, structural assessment, safety documentation, etc