Decommissioning-Repository Project Management Unit – Kozloduy NPP Units 1 to 4

Projects - Nuclear

  • Location: Kozloduy (Bulgaria)
  • Utility/Customer: SERAW/EBRD
  • Plant/Reactor: VVER-440/230, 4 x 440 MWe
  • Scope of services:
    • This Contract is financed by the EBRD and was established with the Bulgarian Company SERAW (State Enterprise Radioactive Waste), beneficiary of the KISDF grant for this assignment. The objective was to set up a combined Project Management Unit (PMU) to support the SERAW by providing consultancy services for both the construction of the National Disposal Facility (NDF) for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste (EA started in this project in 2008) and the decommissioning of Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) Units 1 to 4.
      The scope of the project includes:

      • Assisting SERAW in setting up and operating the Project Management Unit;
      • Supporting the improvement of the different processes involved in the Project (engineering, procurement, contract management, review, quality assurance, etc) in order to assure its acceleration;
      • Providing support to KNPP implement KIDSF-financed decommissioning projects including engineering, procurement and contract management;
      • Developing the overall strategy of decommissioning and dismantling activities by using in-house knowledge and expertise in specific field;
      • Transferring decommissioning project management knowledge and skills from the Consultant to SERAW in order to increase the institutional capacity of SERAW.