Deep Underground High Level Waste Repository in Geological Facilities

Projects - Nuclear

  • Location: Spain
  • Utility/Customer: Enresa
  • Scope of services:
    • For ENRESA, EA undertook the basic engineering studies, safety analysis and feasibility studies for the final disposal of spent fuel and special wastes in deep geological formations (granite, salt and clay). It included the following:
      • Basic engineering of the surface facilities and different options
      • Basic engineering of the underground facilities with different layouts of tunnels and location of the fuel casks
      • Expected inventory of spent fuel from Spanish NPPs and radioactive isotope decay
      • Studies related with the design of casks and canisters
      • Performance assessment (safety analysis) to determine the impact of storing the fuel in the near and far field during the operation and post closure of the repository.
      • Interfaces with the geological investigations performed by others to define the needs of data and information for the performance of the studies.
      • Research studies in support of ENRESA for the contracted projects within the EC framework programmes for fusion energies
      • Conceptual design of the Spanish Deep Geological Repository
      • Final Repository Integrity and Safety Analysis, Performance Assessment Analysis and Post-closure Safety Analysis
        Participation in international projects: BENIPA (Bentonite barriers in integrated performance assessment), SPIN (Testing of safety and performance indicators) SPA (Spent Fuel Performance Assessment), RED-IMPACT (Impact of Partitioning, Transmutation and Waste Reduction Technologies on the Final Waste Disposal Project), NF_PRO (Near Field Processes), FUMIG (Fundamental Processes of Radionuclide Migration) and PAMINA (Performance Assessment Methodologies in Application to Guide Development of the Safety Case)