José Cabrera NPP Decommissioning

Projects - Nuclear

  • Location: Almonacid de Zorita (Guadalajara, Spain)
  • Utility/Customer: Union Electrica Fenosa, S.A.
  • Plant/Reactor: PWR, W, 160 Mwe
    • Scope of services:
      • Jose Cabrera NPP was shut down in 2006 and the engineering for its decommissioning started immediately thereafter. EA provided the mechanical and electrical design for the project and a license for decommissioning execution was granted in 2010.
      • EA followed up by providing support to the engineering of the decommissioning and waste management in these fields during the dismantling of systems and components and later the civil design during the demolition phase.
      • In addition, EA provides the services for the supervision of the execution by several Contractors of the physical dismantling of José Cabrera NPP. The scope of work includes:
        • Preparation of procedures to manage the execution of the dismantling and demolition works
        • Supervision of the dismantling and demolition of both contaminated and conventional components and structures.
        • Control of contractors’ operations (dismantling, decontamination, waste management) and supervision of their in-field activities, reviews and approval of their procedures, technical adequacy and quality of their work.
        • Control of the schedule and documentation management and support to the owner to control the disbursement and the interfaces between different work groups (such as radiation protection, engineering, decontamination, decommissioning, and quality assurance)