Lungmen 1 & 2 NPP

Projects - Nuclear

  • Location: Gongliao Township (Taiwan)
  • Utility/Customer: Taipower
  • Plant/Reactor: ABWR, GE, 2 X 1350 MWe, Units 1 & 2
  • Scope of services:
    • Participation in multiple engineering and design tasks for GE. Most relevant works:
      • Design and calculation of nuclear system piping (large bore and small bore) and supports
      • Feedwater line failure analysis
      • Design and calculation of the Drywell main support structure
      • Pressurisation analysis of the steam tunnel and other Reactor Building compartments
      • Complete design, specifications and drawings for construction of the fuel pool liners (Reactor and Auxiliary)
      • Complete design, specifications and drawings to build the fuel pool gates (Reactor and Auxiliary)
      • Calculations and construction drawings for the embedded elements in the containment
      • Human Factors Engineering. Analysis and review of the Control Room process displays and services
      • I&C work: logic diagrams, control diagrams, priorisation of alarms, calculation of setpoints, etc.
      • Plant testing, startup and emergency operation procedures
      • Reports on protection against overpressures
      • Safety and probabilistic analyses: plant shutdown, calculations of radiological conditions, integrated reliability analyses (IRA), low-load and shutdown PRA, etc.