Temelin 3 & 4 NPP (ETE 3&4)

Projects - Nuclear

  • Location: Temelin (Czech Reppublic)
  • Utility/Customer: CEZ, a. s.
  • Plant/Reactor: PWR, TBD, 2 x 1000 to 1700 MWe, Units 3 and 4
  • Scope of services:
    • Preparation of the Feasibility Study of the New Nuclear Power Plant to be built in the Czech Republic. The feasibility included the preparation of a Request for Information Document submitted to the Main Pressurized Water Reactor Vendors so as to obtain and evaluate the technical information necessary for the Feasibility Study
    • Preparation of the Bid Invitation Specifications for two PWR reactors at the Temelin site
    • Development of the Bid Evaluation Methodology and training on Bid Evaluation
    • Support to CEZ during Bid evaluation
    • Owner’s Engineering for Pre-Construction Phase