100MW solar thermal power plant with parabolic trough technology and thermal storage in molten salts

Projects - DUE Diligence

  • Location: Sevilla, Spain
  • Utility/Costumer: Plenium Partners
  • Configuration: 50-200 MW CSP-PT
  • Scope of services:
    • Feasibility analysis and technical and economic optimization of a 50-200MW CSP-PT power plant to be located in Lebrija, Spain, including:
      • Analysis of the solar resource of the site.
      • Meteorological data configuration (TMY).
      • Plant baseline configuration.
      • LCOE optimization based on the relative size of the storage, solar field and net power of the plant (cases with 1 and 2 pairs of tanks).
      • CapEx and OpEx estimation for the optimal configuration.