Consulting services for the Tuzla thermal power plant

Due Diligence

  • Client: Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute CO., LTD. (GEDI), China Energy Engineering Group
  • Technology: Tuzla lignite power plant 7. 450 Mwe
  • Scope of services:
    • Development of a set of key project documents
      • Project management and implementation plan
      • Documentation list
      • List of applicable codes and standards
      • Documentation of the project criteria of the different disciplines (mechanical, electrical, I&C, fire protection, HVAC).
      • KKS code system
      • Review of basic engineering documents developed by GEDI
      • Focused on compliance with applicable European laws, regulations, codes and standards
    • European standards and technical specification requirements of EPC contracts
      • More than 300 GEDI documents have been reviewed, including PFD’s, PID’s, equipment technical specifications, equipment technical specifications, equipment technical drawings, EPC contract technical specifications and drawings.
        equipment technical specifications, plant drawings, civil engineering drawings, architectural drawings calculation reports and other basic engineering documents.
        and other basic engineering documents.
      • Support in responses to comments from third parties (Owner’s Engineer, Major Equipment Suppliers
        Suppliers) comments to this set of documents.