Extension of the feasibility and optimization study of a parabolic trough solar thermal power plant with thermal storage.

Projects - DUE Diligence

  • Location: Spain
  • Utility/Costumer: Plenium Partners
  • Configuration: Solar thermal power plant with thermal storage
  • Scope of services:
    • The scope of the technical and economic feasibility and optimization study of the solar thermal plant includes the following activities
      • Obtaining typical year meteorological files with different probabilities of occurrence: TMY P50, TMY P90, TMY P5.
      • Updating the base configuration of the plant to the new meteorological and economic data.
      • Obtaining the new optimal plant configuration (net power, gross power, storage hours and solar field size) with the objective of minimizing the LCOE and adjusting to the target production of the remuneration scheme (3000-4000 h/year).
      • Performing a parametric analysis with different combinations of the financial inputs, with the aim of generating a matrix of results that covers a wide range of variation of these parameters.