Feasibility Study: Tarragona Combined Cycle Thermal Power Station

Due Diligence

  • Location: Spain
  • Client: Astra Energy Inc
  • Technology/Power: CCPP 385MW
  • Scope of services:
    • Assess the technical feasibility of relocating the Tarragona I CCPP (built in Spain) to a new location on the island of Jamaica.
      Perform the following main tasks:
      • Review of the initial project documentation of the Tarragona I CCPP.
      • Definition of the design conditions at the new location of the combined cycle power plant and estimation of the expected power output and annual production.
      • Visit to the CCPP Tarragona I and evaluation of the state of the facilities, and preparation of a proposal for the study and planning of the Project (dismantling, transport of equipment to the new location, construction, assembly and commissioning at the new location).
      • Presentation of a financial proposal and recommendations for a business plan for the project.
      • Presentation of conclusions and recommendations.